About Us

About our charity

Stronger Together is a new, small, local, registered charity, established with the purpose of helping those who are socially isolated or at risk of becoming so. This could be anyone and includes carers, people living with dementia, people living through a major life event or people in ill health, physical or mental.

Founded and run by 3 experienced practitioners, and supported by wonderful volunteers, we are entirely a voluntary organisation, making no profit at all. We are all experienced in working with people living with dementia and their carers, as well as other mental health issues, physical issues, and other risk factors for social isolation. More information on our team can be found on our website.

We run small activity groups to bring people together. The groups are held in community buildings wherever there is need, but all venues are fully assessed for suitability before use. We accept referrals into our service, and will be in touch when we can offer a place in a group. Your Dementia Advisor, Support Worker or Social Prescribing Link Worker can refer you, or you can self refer via our website.

We firmly believe that a cup of tea and an activity can bring people together in a relaxed, friendly, supportive environment. Activities are based around group members’ preferences and will vary, but may include cooking, gardening, art and craft, reminiscence and singing or music. We also have seated exercise qualifications, walking group experience and dance experience for the more physically able.